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Very warm wishes to all of our members!

30 Jul 21

Read more from Alice, PPN SE Clinical Programme Manager

As this is my final newsletter contribution, I would like to thank everyone with all my heart for all your commitment and passion for making this multi-professional network and community of practice a success story. 

I am very grateful for this opportunity of having developed and co-produced the PPN SE from scratch, starting in October 2017 and launching the network a year later, with now over 2000 members, regional subnetworks, and a regional multi-stakeholder board.  This has been a hugely collaborative effort!  It has been such a joy working alongside all of you, with many opportunities for innovative and creative working! 

Of the many outputs, I will highlight three I am very proud of.  One has been co-producing the interactive career map for the psychological professions.  This was not an easy terrain to navigate and brought many stakeholders together to collaboratively shape it.  I am really pleased to have now been able to see this process through to developing the prototype for the animated content, and without giving it away, you will be in for a treat!   

I was struck from the outset that we needed a process that would propel us into a more unified voice, whilst recognising all the diversity at the same time.  I am very proud that this evolved into our national campaign Psychological Professions Into Action, which resulted in the first national Vision for the Psychological Professions in England.  Again, I am proud in this next phase to have laid the foundations with the project team, that the Vison can now be taken Into Action and embedded across all systems.  Another treat to look forward to!

At the heart of all this collaborative innovation has been working alongside Experts by Experience and co-producing the PPN SE together, with all its structures, processes,  workstreams, including events and communications.  I can’t think of any process that hasn’t been co-produced! Personally and professionally, this has been a very transformative process that I will take forward with me through my career and life.  At the core of this was co-producing our involvement strategy, underpinned by the national survivor movement involvement standards, and subsequently logging and reviewing all impact created.

We have achieved so much together, and it has been an honour to work alongside so many of you.  Unfortunately, I can’t name you all in person!  Thank you to all the members of the regional Psychological Professional Leadership Group for all your support in getting the network off the ground, and joining our Board!  Thank you to the PPN SE Team and Co-Chairs, and to all the Co-Chairs and committee members of regional subnetworks.  This includes Lizzie Gray & Simon Winter (PWP), Chloe Stewart & Lauren Taylor (Health Psychology), Caitlin Brown & Eryna Tarant (Forensic Psychology), Amy Pound & Anastasia Alvey (Aspiring PPs).  It has been a great joy working with you all, and I hope that all the Psychological Professions will soon be integrated into the Board!

My heart-felt thank you goes to ‘our’ Experts by Experience.  You have kept us all firmly rooted in our values, and speaking your truth and adding your unique perspectives has been invaluable.  Thank you Helen Leigh-Phippard, Sharon Galliford, Amy Harris, as well as Laura Lee (who now works in the national team), with all my heart.   

I would love to name many more of you, but please know that all of your contributions have been very gratefully received.

Last not least, I am very proud that Amy Pound and Brad Powell are on their way to train as clinical psychologists.  I hope that in the future there will be many more strategic leadership placements and opportunities for psychological professionals.     

With all good wishes to you all,


Alice Plummer

Clinical Programme Manager


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