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Proposal for Education Mental Health Practitioner Subnetwork

30 Apr 20

Hello from Claire Lennox

Hi everyone, my name is Claire Lennox

I am newly working as a Senior Educational Mental Health Practitioner (SEMHP) within one of three East Sussex Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs).

I have previously worked as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) in Brighton and was very inspired by the PWP Subnetwork launch and the fantastic work by Simon and Lizzie, among others, to get this going and the great opportunities it provided! Subnetworks are a brilliant way for each profession to keep in regular contact, share learning, offer further CPD and networking with your peers locally and nationally and much much more!

As a new profession we are in a unique position to get a subnetwork started almost from the onset and this could offer us a brilliant platform to support our roles and development (individually, locally and as a wider profession), provide a space to have our collective voices heard and influence future changes (on a local and national level, with the support of the PPN) and provide a space for us to find our feet and support each other as our MHSTs go live and continue their brilliant work.

With that in mind, and if you haven’t guessed already…

I want to set up a BRAND NEW EMHP Subnetwork!

(And I would really like this statement to say “WE ARE setting up!”)


If you are an EMHP, an SEMHP or even working in another capacity within a MHSTs then let us know what you might be interested in doing to help!

Aren’t sure just yet but want to keep updated then just let us know too!

If you have any tips/ideas/suggestions then please also send a message letting us know what you would like from an EMHP Subnetwork.

So whether you are simply keen to become a member of the (fingers crossed) future subnetwork, or you feel as equally excited as me and want to be involved in the set up of the future subnetwork then send us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you have no idea what an EMHP is then take a look at the brand new and brilliant Career Map here

Claire Lennox

Senior Education Mental Health Practitioner

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