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In conversation with Lauren Taylor, Health Psychologist in Training, University of Surrey

28 Jul 21

Lauren, it will be great to publish this feature on our website. We’ve previously spoken about the Behavioural Scientist Network. I’m wondering whether you could tell our readers what’s valuable about this network?

Well, the Behavioural Scientist Network is beneficial as it provides opportunities to meet with other professionals, and enables learning about new discoveries in public health. They help translate behavioural and social science research into practice.  

Yes, I agree networking with other professionals is so important, it means we can have the greatest impact! You’ve seen our Vision, one of the commitments is to ‘make all health and care psychological’. What can Health Psychologists do in the region to make this a reality?

Health psychologists can liaise with doctors and other health professionals to highlight the behaviours that could be damaging a person’s health or wellbeing. They can also raise awareness of the psychological impact of illnesses to individuals, families, and carers.

It’s clear that health psychologists alongside the other psychological professions will play a large role in making this vision a reality! It does sound like a really rewarding career, so, what do you love the most about your role?

I love that as a health psychologist, my skills and knowledge can be applied in a variety of contexts and can be used to help others. For example, I am currently working at Marie Curie for my placement as a research associate to support work around four theory of change workshops for those at end-of-life care.

Lauren, that sounds really interesting. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! For now, if you'd like to find out more about the Health Psychologist role visit our Psychological Professions Career Map.

Lauren Taylor

Trainee Health Psychologist

University of Surrey

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