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Towards a Coherent Career Framework for Psychological Professions #PsychologicalProfessionsWeek

18 Nov 21

Read more from Ella Wray about the Thursday Career Framework workshop at #PsychologicalProfessionsWeek

The next couple of years are going to be a key and transformative time for the Psychological Professions and we want to ensure you are informed and ready for the exciting times ahead! The Psychological Professions Network (PPN) is hosting its second *free* conference. #PsychologicalProfessionsWeek 2021 will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and regionally-led sessions aligned to the National Vision of the Psychological Professions.

Whether you are an aspiring Psychological Professional, an early career clinician looking to develop further, a confused service manager or professional leader worried about workforce expansion, diversity and retention, you will not want to miss our workshop which centres on improving career pathways in the psychological professions. It is taking place on Thursday 18th November from 13:30 and will be convened by Dr Phil Self, Co-Chair of Psychological Professions Network South West.

Ella Wray, Senior Assistant Psychologist, who will be contributing to the session, reflects on how it can help at this moment of change and growth in the psychological professions:

The session will highlight the importance of career frameworks, identify the current challenges for different groups and ask ‘what might a more integrated career framework for Psychological Professions look like?’. It will include perspectives from people aspiring to enter psychological professions careers, people with lived experience, people at multiple stages in careers across the 12 professions and views from others outside our professional family too. This session is a must-see for those who are considering a career in the psychological professions or those who are simply passionate about improving career pathways and opportunities for us all!

Why is a coherent career framework for the professions important to you? To me, as an aspiring psychological professional, it is key – to the extent that it will govern the future of the psychological professions workforce and ensure we have the right individuals in the right roles. This is crucial, now, more than ever, as meeting the expectations of the NHS Long Term Plan will require the most significant expansion in the psychological professions workforce in history. Therefore, it is vital that aspiring professionals are supported onto the pathway that is best suited to their skills and competencies.

That is why I am so excited for this session, as it will give a voice to different individuals who have a vested interest in the career framework. The session will showcase the work that has been done thus far, plus what still needs to be done to ensure a coherent career framework for the psychological professions.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to discussions about the psychological professions career framework and ask questions!    

What next?

To register for the conference (it’s free!), and view the week’s programme please follow this link:

You can also check out the career map for the psychological professions here:

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We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 18th November!