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Psychological Professions Week 2021 - Growing Leadership Talents in Psychological Professions

19 Nov 21

Read more from Sunny Kalsy-Lillico about the Growing Leadership Talents in Psychological Professions Workshop at #PsychologicalProfessionsWeek

Dr Sunny Kalsy-Lillico , Chief Psychologist, Chair of PPN Midlands

The next couple of years are going to be a key and transformative time for the Psychological Professions and we want to ensure you are informed and ready for the exciting times ahead! The Psychological Professions Network (PPN) is hosting its second *free* conference. #PsychologicalProfessionsWeek 2021 will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and regionally-led sessions aligned to the National Vision of the Psychological Professions.

Leadership… a word that conjures up so many definitions, thoughts and beliefs for us all in different ways.  When I consider the word, I separate it from that of ‘Leader’ a word that for me symbolises a position or role of power and influence.  From my perspective, leadership is a mindset, skillset and dare I say, heartset, to influence, motivate and inspire change with others.

And we all ‘do’ leadership in our different roles and in our day to day lives…. 

  • How many times have we valued talking with teams and having our point of view not only understood but taken on board?  That’s leadership
  • What about when that ‘good idea’ is developed into actions that improve the quality of the work we do?  That’s leadership
  • And what about when we have courageous conversations about diversity and people begin to understand and respond to the importance of different experiences?  That’s leadership.

Therein lie the seeds for our session “Growing Leadership Talents in the Psychological Professions” taking place on Friday 19th November 2021, 13:30-15:00.

The purpose of our session is simple: to set an inspiring and motivating tone where we compassionately challenge Psychological Professions to be courageous and step into leadership opportunities.  Moving away from the idea that leadership is always about titles or positions and moving towards leadership as a range of skills and behaviours that can be learned and embodied by all.

So, the focus will be on the reflections and experiences from Psychological Professionals at different stages in their careers, from aspiring to policy leaders.  Specifically, we will hear about their leadership talents and the growth of these over time.  I am personally looking forward to understanding how their professional leadership development has helped them to transform, innovate and improve what they do. Considering what this means for Psychological Professions and Aspiring Psychological Professionals and people / communities will be key for us all. Click this link to read our paper on leadership and management in the psychological professions:

I am so pleased that we will be hearing from colleagues at different stages in their careers share their leadership journeys. And I am proud that our keynote speaker for our closing session is Dr Lisa Cameron MP, who amongst her professional role, significant portfolio and talents, is an HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist.

Join us during Psychological Professions Network Conference week to find out what amazing work and developments are taking place. Take some time to understand and consider the journeys you will hear about.  Pause and reflect on how this learning can make a difference for you, the people you work with and for our communities. Register for the conference here: PPN 2021

Lastly, we recommend becoming a member of the PPN. It is free and gives you access to the latest updates, events and newsletters. To become a member please follow this link: PPN - How To Become a Member