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Attrition from Health Education England (HEE) commissioned training courses in psychological therapies

13 Mar 23

Last year, Coventry University completed a national evaluation of training programmes within the Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Health Problems (PTSMHP) remit. The evaluation generated a comprehensive report which has been shared.

We are now doing another piece of work for HEE which is focused on understanding attrition from PTSMHP training courses. The project has Coventry University Ethics approval (ref. P147171). 

We currently have a trainee survey circulating, plus interviews are underway with trainees and those who have stepped off or completed courses and education providers.

We’d now like to interview clinical managers in NHS organisations to understand their perspectives on attrition from training courses. Please get in touch if you'd be willing to participate in a 30 minute interview over teams to share your perspectives. For more information, please email Rosie Kneafsey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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