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Read the Latest Guest Blog: Alison Bryant - NW PPN EBE Representation Steering Group

04 Oct 22

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the September blog - being posted at the end of the month from now on - for the PPN NW EbE Steering Group!

I am Alison Bryant, a member of the group and a service user, taking over this blog from the amazing Jodie Wells who acted as our chair (as well as wearing many other hats) over the period of her 12 month placement.

I hope over the months ahead to give you a feeling of what it is like to be a member of the steering group from my own EbE perspective, but also to introduce the other members of the group to share their thoughts on why the PPN is so important, what we bring to the table through our work and discussions and more about the exciting journey we are taking together to build involvement in the psychological professions here in the North West and in the UK. We are active in presenting and showcasing our work and voices through a variety of projects:

On Tuesday 15th of November 1.30-3pm, a co-produced EbE slot with other regions.


Our presentation slot 9.40-10.00: Service user perspective - setting up an EbE network.


  • Also, coming soon the launch of our animation which is in the final stages of production.


We all bring different knowledge, strengths and life experiences to our work. This adds depth and richness to the discussions we have as a group and creates the ‘flavour’ for our regional input to feed into the national group and work. All of the regional groups in the PPN are unique as we give voice to specific areas of concern or interests that reflect regional differences which drive us and our involvement.

In our work we are all linked, interacting to help each other: psychological practitioners, services, training, NHS, service users, carers, families - all of us. The Psychological Professions Network listen and respond to EbE’s who are involved because together our individual identities and voices can shape services or training for a workforce prepared for the demands on services to ensure better outcomes for mental health and recovery.  

The PPN are vital to supporting and growing this work nationwide and our inclusion as EbE’s within the PPN is testament to that intent, being integral to the journey as valued colleagues in every piece of work we engage in – coproduction is at the heart.

Please follow the links to conferences and events included in this blog and sign up to the PPN! This could be the start of a journey of transformation for you which will benefit us with an increased membership of people who care about each other, and wish to share their voices, to INFORM, ENABLE and INFLUENCE the psychological professions.

In closing, I want to return to reflect again on the energy, passion, values and total commitment Jodie Wells brought to her role as our chair. I know the phrases ‘Jodie said’, ‘Jodie would think’, will often be heard in our meetings. Jodie left a body of work at PPN NW as her legacy of which we are proud and we will miss her.