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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Guest Blog: Jodie Wells - NW PPN EBE Representation Steering Group

05 Jul 22

Hello all,

We’re writing this blog whilst reflecting on what a busy time the last month has been for us. Sometimes it can be difficult to step back and complete smaller tasks (such as this) when there are so many competing demands. Like the NHS, and other services, we’ve found ourselves met with times in the year where we’ve been able to pause and reflect…and others where you start to wonder what day, week or month it is! It is in fact July (where has the year gone!) and we thought this would be a good time to provide an update on our project.

This month has been incredibly overwhelming with multiple meetings, tasks and commitments. In our efforts to increase the involvement of EbEs in a range of ways, we haven’t always stopped to think about how we can best do this in the context of sustaining our wellbeing, motivation and giving ourselves time to step back and celebrate our accomplishments. I’d like to thank the group as a whole for sticking with me, whilst we navigate this!

Next week we will be presenting a webinar to HEE about how we transform care and services by involving people who use services, their families, and carers. We hope to record this and upload it here, to provide an educative resource, with some personal stories of learning from us. We continue to work on developing the animation (more on that at a later date) and will be looking at the involvement of EbEs in various other streams in the NW and across regions in relation to the upcoming PPN conference in November.

I will be stepping down as the chair of the EbE steering group at the end of August and we are meeting next week to discuss sustainability plans and projects moving forwards. I am coming to the end of my placement with the PPN NW and will be moving on to another role. Being part of this group, developing ideas and co-producing projects has been the absolute highlight of my placement. We talk a lot about transformation in our group, and I have certainly experienced that both on a personal level and professionally thanks to this work. I hope at some point to reflect on this in a future blog.  

As ever, we will continue to keep you updated about our project, and you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, or visit our webpage: Experts by Experience Involvement in Psychological Professions Training (


I’ll end this blog with a note from Alison and a promise to be in touch again in August!

With thanks



“At this time of year better weather, sunny days and the summer ahead is a boost to psychological wellbeing and an encouragement to spend time outside in green spaces to benefit our health in nature. For all of us here at the PPNW NW we are keen to promote those benefits as we did through our participation at the IAPT- well-being for the psychological professions conference but we are also determined to promote the benefits of EbE involvement to the psychological professions as a whole, to courses and trainers ,to HEE and to the NHS. We are passionate advocates of service user / EBE involvement and are delighted to be in the planning phase of a webinar to be delivered in July covering this theme. Obviously for us communicating the multiple benefits of EbEs being embedded to effect change to our audience is key and this opportunity to do just that is really welcome. Extra meetings planning content for the webinar give us, as the steering group,  a welcome space not only to be productive together in developing our presentation but also space to reflect on the journey we have taken to reach this point and once more to take our individual experiences, perspectives and voices to focus on a shared goal - to inform and create real change as a result of our involvement”. (Alison Bryant)